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Friday, December 9, 2011

Headed Out!!

Ok, so we are leaving for Ethiopia in a few hours. We will be arriving home Next Thursday, and want to invite any of you who would like to come to the airport to welcome us home.
Our flight is set to arrive at 5:00pm, but it could be early or late, so we will be posting on face book when we arrive back in the states to give a more accurate time.

One thing that we would like to make you all aware of, is that we are thinking of changing our son's name. We are trying to decide between two different names, but at this point we are just not sure. So we have decided to wait until we see him again, to make our final decision. I will make another blog post and post it to face book as soon as we know, so that you all will know by the time we come home:)

I just cannot wait for all of you to meet him:)

Please lift our family up in prayer, for a smooth transition for our son and for safe travels.

Thank you! See ya in a week:)!

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