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Monday, December 12, 2011

he is officially ours!!

Yes we had our Embassy appointment today and all went well, he is ours!

In the middle of the night last night, as I was rocking my sone back to sleep, I had some time to reflect.....

Starting back when I was 16 years old, God plassed a passion in my hear to adopt. A few years agter that he put a burden on my heart for Africa. And so began my dream to adopt a little boy from, Africa.

Then early on in Casey and I's dating relationship, I told him that if he could not seriously commit to praying about one day adopting that I could not marry him.

When my daughter was 1, we began the converstion to adopt our second child. But it wasn't until we figured out that we could fund raise for our adoption, that I realized that my dream may really come true.

We chose an agency and after 10 long months we finally got on the "wait list", then 10 months after that we felt God lead us to switch agencies so that we could adopt Solomon.

We got our Court date 4 months later, then our Embassy appointment 6 months after that.

Today God has fulfilled a promise! Today my dream has come true!!

So as I sat rocking my son, I was over come with emotion. Knowing that I never have to leave him again, that I get to bring him him to complete our family:) Every time that I look at him, it literally takes my breath away, when he looks up at me with those big beautiful brown eyes, my stomach does a little somersault:)

In that moment it hit me how honored.... humbled.... privaledged.... well there really isn't a word to describe the emotion that I feel. But all of those words wrapped around a big thankful, that God chose me to be this miracle boys mamma. I knew that I would love him, I knew when I met him at court that I would love him, as my own. But the love that I have for him, is truly indescribable!

All I can really say now is.....



eric mccuan said...

I am so happy for you, God is so amazing. It's so cool to be able to look back and see the Hand of God at work. It brings tears of joy to my heart. Thank you for being so brave and trusting in the Lord. Eric McCUAN

Unknown said...

I cry as I read this, especially your evening cuddle with your son. He is yours! But Solomon has always been yours, but now it's legal! I am still blown away that Solomon was passed up because of possible CP, when all along you said, "I have a heart for orphans because they have been passed by, feeling unwanted. I want Solomon." You are his momma and my heart is full for the completion of your family, the puzzle pieces all put together finally, thank you sweet Jesus!

mustard seed said...

how neat to see God's call to your heart at 16 come to fruition. Congratulation!

(lurker off of the FBI:)

Eryn said...

I'm all kinds of emotional reading this! I so know thosefeelings. Praising god with you! Your journey together really begins!!