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Monday, November 21, 2011

Good news:)

So unfortunately I was sick yesterday and did not get to go to church. The reason that I am bummed is because a really cool thing happened...... I guess during the message a man stood up and suggested that they stop and pray right then, and then they asked if anyone else needed prayer, so Casey stood up and explained our situation. People gathered around him and prayed right then and there:) (There's nothing like the body coming together!)

That night Casey was telling me how during the talk there were a couple verses that stood out to him.... He told a story about how Daniel was fasting and praying for 3 weeks and one night an Angel came to him and said. "Your prayers were heard on the first day. I have been trying to get this message to you but Satan was stopping me. Then Arch Angel Micheal came and helped me, so that I could come to you."

He then read me a verse about Paul saying that Satan was getting in the way of his prayers as well. It opened both of our eyes, because there is no real reason why we are being delayed. There are other families with the same situation, that have been waiting months less than us, who have been cleared.

Rebuking, and fighting the Evil one is very IMPORTANT.
Because..... we got an email this morning from our agency, saying that they got word that the Embassy spoke with the officer and got all the information they were looking for. He asked us the soonest that we would like to travel, (which is this Sunday!, if the Embassy has an available appointment on Monday)
With all that said, we still have not heard for sure from the Embassy, and that is what really matters. I am hoping that we have an email waiting for us when we wake up:) I will make sure and have one HUGE post if it does come:)

Seriously thank you all for your prayers!! Keep em' up:)

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mhkesler said...

Cannot wait to meet this little man. I am loving the fact that God wants to tell a story, confirm our faith and AND he wants to bless us with good gifts (and pain in the rear gifts ;)

I am now praying that your feet walk directly toward a plane headed for Africa ASAP!

When are we gonna have some chair bustin good Ethiopian food again?