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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I don't know if anybody even reads this blog anymore. I know that I have not been on here in a long time, but we have had some major changes in our adoption process!

God has worked in some very Beautiful and very Powerful ways...

In the begining of Feb I was really struggling with the "wait". We had been on the wait list for 10 months and there was a hold on our agency, with no end in sight. I was really starting to struggle with despair.
I felt God asking me to let go and to trust him, so for the first time in my life, that is what I did. I gave over control and decided that I would trust him.

On Feb 17th I had a conversation with my friend and at the end of our conversation, as she was walking away, she turned to me and said. " God wants you to know that he is going to open a door soon and that he wants you to follow him through it. And that once he does it is going to fly by"

One week later a different friend who is with another agency called me about a baby that her agency was trying to find a family for. She sent us his file that night so that Casey and I could look it over.
At this point I was trying not to engage emotionally, but at the same time I could not get the words that my friend had spoken just a week earlier.
I did not know what the process of switching agencies would be, and honestly this didn't seem like a reality because it took me 10 months to complete all the paper work the first time around!

We prayed over the weekend that God would make it very clear if we are suppose to move forward or not. On Monday I called the director of my friends agency and decided our next step was to take this little mans file to our doctor.
I called my doctors office as soon as I hung up with the director and found out that my pediatrician would be out of town for the next 3 weeks and that my family doctor was not taking anymore appts. Then the nurse said "oh wait she just had an opening in an hour, can you make it?" So I ran down there, not really knowing what to expect, and not really walking away with anything concrete.

Through out the next week God wispered so sweetly to me quite a few times confirming that this is the path that he wanted us on.

I decided to start the paper work to switch just incase we did. I was able to complete everything for a new Dossier in 1 week!

I contacted my home study agent who live about 3 hrs away from us, she said that she would update our home study for us to be able to switch agencies but that she wasn't coming down my way very often so we would have to schedule and appt.
I emailed her the next day and said that we would like to set up a time for her to come down and she responded that she is coming down that weekend to see family if we wanted to meet then.
We of course did!
We decided to 100% to move forward that Saturday and then met with our home study agent on Sunday.
She let us know that she had been planning on coming down the weekend before, but because of snow had postponed it to this weekend:) (Thank you jesus)

The next day we let the Director of our new agency know that we were moving ahead and just needed to wait to get our final draft of our updated home study.

I am happy to say that today our dossier is headed to D.C. and now we are just waiting to be submitted for a court date!

There are a few beautiful miracles that God has blessed us with but I can't explain them with out giving away too much of little guys story.

I cannot explain in words how blessed we feel! I can't wait to introduce you all to our Gorgeous little man:)

Please continue to pray for us and for him, and for all of the families and children waiting to be connected.



YAY Aimee. I cannot wait to hear more about your story! :) Will keep you in our thoughts.

Zach said...

Congratulations! I hope things move quickly for you all now.

Jasmine Violette said...

That's so exciting Aimee!! We have just been praying and praying, I'm so glad God is opening doors for your family. You're such an encouragement to so many and although I've seen your faithfulness from a distance, it's still been blessing to me! Praying for a speedy process from here on out for you all! Can't wait to meet this handsome little guy (Risto is gonna need a best guy buddy!)

mhkesler said...

ahh Graves

How amazing is this story that the master author writing. This story has it all... ups and downs, ins and outs HUGE doubts and total submission. WOW and its not even close to being over! I am waiting on the edge of my seat. I am already at the airport waiting and crying. OK I'm not really at the airport but I might choke up every time I think about you guys ;)