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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Yes, we got submitted today.. the only scary part is that they are sending all abandonment cases to Nairobi to have the team there look at them, which can result in months in delays....
But God is good, and they are sending a team from the Nairobi office, and they are supposed to arrive in Addis Monday Nov 7th. They are coming just to review and hopefully pass the abandonment cases. That means us:) I feel a real glimmer of hope today. This is probably the best week for our situation that we could have gotten our case submitted so that they did not send it to nairobi (which it takes about a month just to get there!)
I can see God with a little smile on his face, saying " You know, you can trust me"
It is just so so hard when we can't see the outcome.

But Lord I do trust you, as hard as it is sometimes, I do trust you!

If I could ask you to pray for anything, it would be that this team from Nairobi would be able to review our case while they are in Addis.

Hopefully we can get approval in a few weeks:)

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Amy D said...

This is good news! :)