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Saturday, October 15, 2011


So my boy's Birthday has come and gone... Sept 29th was his first birthday.
Right now we are waiting to find out if the document that the Embassy requested is done correctly. If it is then we can get submitted next Wednesday, if it is not, then I have no idea how much longer it will take.
I have to admit that I am getting weary, I miss my son so much and I am beyond ready to have him home. We unfortunately have gotten stuck right in the middle of the Embassy changing policies and that has extended our wait time by unknown amounts.

I know that he will eventually be home, but for now i feel like I am treading water, waiting for those oh so desperately needed words "Embassy Date".

I do not want to be discouraging, my heart is that people would see our story and live life with us, and would be encouraged to ask God if they too are supposed to adopt. Unfortunately this process is sometimes painful and right now is one of those times. Not for one single moment have I thought about turning back or even doubting whether God has called us to walk this walk. But I will say that this last little stretch is by far the hardest!
The day that I get to see my son again, pick him up and kiss his sweet little face, will be amazing! I can't wait! Lord please let it be soon!

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