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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Great need!!

Please visit this blog

I have just heard about this orphanage in Ethiopia and there is a great great immediate need!
Some of the babies that live there are dying very preventable deaths.
I have a friend who has just recently visited this orphanage and saw first hand the need. There is an amazing woman who has left her life here to move there and serve these children. Casey and I are planning on taking supplies and serving with her when we go for our court date.

Please read this story and ask God if there is anything he wants you to do..

We want to take very basic things such as formula, bottles, cloth diapers... anything they need.
I will keep you all updated if you would like to donate when we get closer to going email me at

Again please take the time to read this story:)
Thanks everyone!


Traci said...

I tried and the blog seemed to be about something else- was there a typo? I really want to read the story but somehow got the wrong site... ordinaryhero.blogspot?

Traci said...

AH! I googled it-

Jasmine Violette said...

That made me cry. I'm still crying. I have some ideas, and I hope to be able to send you guys with tons of supplies.