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Monday, April 28, 2008

Emree Rose

My Beautiful Angel baby...... Emree Rose.....                                                  So she finally came on april 8th at 3:23 am, man what a long road it was.......   On march 31st (her due date) I went in with contractions 2 mins apart and eight hours later they went to 5 mins apart and i was not dialating past 3 centimeters.  So they tried to induce me and after eight hours of that i still wouldn't dialate, so THEY SENT ME HOME... Yes that sucked!  I went back to the doctor april 4th and still was at a 3, but they set up and induction date for the 6th.     So the morning of the 6th rolls around and we are totally stoked ready to go and i get a call saying that they are too full at the hospitol and they will have to call me when they can get me in.  Yes i was devastated... So after a very emotional day of waiting, around 6 in the evening they call and say they have to reschedule me for tomorrow morning with no  guarantee that they will even be able to get me in then. Thank the Lord we were able to get in.... at 8 am they start the induction and no progress at all until my wonderful Caylan tells Casey to wrap a sheet under my belly and pull up from behind shaking my belly.  And that did the trick 20 mins later labor started... holy cow it hurt!  For 3 hours i endured the pain and then i got the drugs (AMAZING) at that point i was 8 centimeters and fully effaced.  5 hours later my beautiful daughter came flying out. (literally, the doc almost dropped her)  

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